Make Me Mold Me

Hi! I am Linda, and if you are reading this, you are awesome! It’s True!!
I have been making resin jewellery for almost 10 years, and making silicone molds for exactly half that time, 6 years! I work from my home studio, it’s a great workspace and I love it! It also means I can take my pets to work! I have 4 little dogs, Ruby, Bella, Willow and Mozart. 

Working solo can be a little quiet. There is only so much you can talk to your dogs! Luckily though, I have a great little community on Instagram to share my resin passion. 

You should follow me! @makeme_moldme 

I love every aspect of the making process of resin jewellery, with the exception of sanding…. ( who likes that bit, right?) and of course the curing time! Ha! That’s why I am focused on creating molds that minimise sanding as much as possible, so you can get on with making, wearing or selling your creations! 

Design is also important. I love nothing more than developing new designs and seeing how they turn out in resin! 10 Years ago, mold options were not abundant, which made resin jewellery making limited. So, I really try and focus on different designs so that your jewellery stands out, like a FLAMINGO in a flock of pigeons!

 *High Fives*

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